Report Bugs For Faster Bug Fixes

Tell Me How to Recreate the Bug on my Mac

If I can follow simple instructions and recreate your problem, I can either solve it fast, find a workaround, or tell you if I can solve the problem or not.

Such a bug report can be a one line email:
"File Juicer" can't extract the picture on slide 7 in the PowerPoint presentation 
I have attached to this email.
This narrows down the problem enough so I don't have to check every one of the thousands of lines of code I have written to create File Juicer. The more you write the less I have to guess about. I can handle email attachments up to 20MB.

4 Kinds of Bugs

Forever Spinning Wheel of Fortune

beach ball Also known as the "Spinning Pizza Wheel of Death". It means that an application is stuck either in way too much work, or that it is waiting for something to happen - for instance that a network disk becomes available. You can track them down and report them, with the utility "Activity Monitor".

The "Crash"

The crash is the most annoying bug, but it can be easy to fix, if I can reproduce it on my Mac. Crashing bugs leave traces about their cause in log files on your hard disk. You can find these logs and mail them to me with the Console application in "Utilities" in "Applications".

The "Doesn't work"

Is more difficult to find than the crash, as it usually leaves fewer traces. The description of "how I can make it not work too" is the most important here.
You can check the console logs as they may contain clues.

To be able to replicate your setup I have hard disks with the latest two versions of macOS. For most accurate description of your Mac, you can use the utility application "Apple System Profiler", and email me the profile it saves together with other files I need to recreate the problem.

Kind regards,
Henrik Dalgaard